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Hydrogel for burns and small wounds, first aid such as: scams, scratches, scabs and sores with  risk of infection.



Flamozil is a medical device that promotes wounds and burns healing, by regulating the microenvironment.

Flamozil releases water on dry wounds and absorb on moist wounds (regulates moisture on wound bed) e and enhances autolytic debridement.


To be used for acute or chronic wounds such as:


- Superficial burns

- Grazed skin

- Surgical wounds

- Bedsores (decubitus)

- Open leg sores (ulcers)



Composition and Properties

Flamozil is composed of an acidic carbomer stabilised by carnosine, a basic peptide naturally present in the skin, water and silver citrate (preservative).

Covering dry wounds such as grazes and surgical wounds with this carbomer has an occlusive effect: it stops the evaporation of moisture and reduces fluid loss through the epidermis.

Carnosine buffers the acidic polymers and also acts as an antioxidant.

The carbomer absorbs excess fluid from moist, exudative wounds.

Flamozil cools and softens contact with plasters and/or bandages and is non-adhesive.

Flamozil contains the preservative silver citrate, instead of irritating parabens.


Flamozil has an immediate cooling action, soothing and pain relief. 

Special pressurized form that makes it easier to apply.

Infections Barrier


When applying does not burn.


Flamozil CNP: 6301002


Flamozil is a medical device. Store below 25ºC and protect from light and humidity. Read carefully the instructions for use. Keep out of the reach of children. External use. 

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