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Dry eyes, irritated and tired?

Many hours in front of computer or in air-conditioned environments? 

KeratoStill® Eye Drops. The ideal for your eyes. .

KeartoStill is a lachrymal substitute with moisturizing properties, lubricants and regenerating properties.

KeratoStill is indicated for quick relief of dry eye.

  • Eye burning, Itchy eyes, ocular dehydration
  • Micro-erosion
  • Keratitis
  • Inflamation
  • Tired Eye
  • Prolongued exposure to:
    • Computer Screen
    • Television
    • Air conditioning
    • Heating systems
    • Air Flows
    • Tobacco
  • Dry eye due to medication (Antihistamines, birth control pills, antidepressants)

KeratoStill moisturizes, lubricates, protects and revitalizes the eyes and gives a pleasant feeling of well-being and relief.

It is very well tolerated, easy to use, safe and convenient to use.

KeratoStill® contains:

·       HPMC (Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose) 0,3%  has a lubricating and moisturizing action on cornea.

·       Dexpanthenol (pro vitamin B5) 5% stimulates eyes protection and promotes cellular healing and regeneration. Your efficacy in wounds regeneration and wound healing is scientifically proved



Presentation: Bottle of 10 ml 

KeratoStill CNP: 6153775








KeratoStill is a medical device. Keep out of the reach of children. Read carefully labelling and instructions for use. Do not use the product while putting soft contact lenses. Do not touch the eye with the bottle tip.


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