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Ophtalmic Natural Products


Three solutions for three problems:


- NaviVision Pink Eye: Chamomile and Euphrasia extracts

- NaviVision Irritated Eye: Calendula and Hamamelis extracts

- NaviVision Tyred Eye: Aloe Vera extract and Sodium Hyaluronate obtained by fermentation

Navivision includes three products which are indicated for specific situation of eye discomfort: prolonged exposure to air-conditioned environments, prolonged computer use, atmosphere poluents (smog), and pollen.

Navivision is a range of products with moisturizing and lubricating properties that gives a pleasant sense of coolness. 


Presentation: Bottle of 15 ml 

Navivision Fadiga Ocular CNP: 6185991

Navivision Irritação Ocular CNP: 6185983

Navivision Olho Vermelho CNP: 6186007


Navivision is a medical device. Read carefully the labelling and instructions for use. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use after the expiry date. Use within 90 days from the first opening.

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