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Recommendations for individuals with allergies to dust mites

Recommendations for individuals with allergies to dust mites


  • Use vacuum cleaning system regularly (preferably those with mite with filters)

 • The air conditioning systems must be closed or be fitted with an air filter that should change is often at least four times a year.

 • To avoid breathing the dust that rises while cleaning, use a damp cloth and use a mask that protects the nose and mouth and eventually also cover the head.

 • When arriving at a house unoccupied for some time, it is important to air it before arrival. Also, the bed should be done with clothing that was not much time saved.

 • Avoid the use of aerosolized products, especially insecticides and air fresheners. It is also important to avoid the presence of smoke is coming from tobacco and other sources.

 • Pets are not recommended for fur or feathers at home.

 • Avoid items that can gather dust, especially in the fourth. For example, carpets, curtains, draperies screen, wall decorative items, carpets, pictures, posters, books, soft toys or cloth.



  • Keep the room well ventilated and dry. It is important to keep it with something low temperature, since the mites reproduce more than 24 º C, with humidity levels above 50%.

• Remove mattresses, pillows and blankets containing materials of animal or vegetable such as wool, feathers, kapok, jute, hemp, vegetable fiber, hay, straw the horsehair, which is a comfortable nest for mites.

• Use cushions, pillows and curtains, synthetic fiber, foam latex or gum, or cover them with synthetic materials non-porous and impermeable to dust mites.

• Use sheets and bedspreads that can be washed more than 55 ° C. At this temperature the mite does not survive. Wash bedding regularly (once a week)

• In case of using quilt is advisable to those made from acrylic material and are reversible, in order to use both surfaces on alternate days.


The medical information provided on this site is intended to be useful and informative read. Intended to complement, but not intended in any way replace medical consultation. If the user is suffering from a health problem, you should consult a health professional.

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